The reasons are many and varied.
-Without question, to see the world and experience different cultures.
-To recharge our batteries and bond with family and friends
-To journey to somewhere close to our hearts and share new adventures.

There are lots of reasons why we pack up and leave home, but between the checkmarks on the bucket lists and that rewarding feeling after a vacation done right, it can be easy to overlook the fact that occasionally, travel isn’t just about the destination at all.

Sometimes, it’s just about who and what you get to see when we get there. Each new trip offers a unique adventure and gives us an opportunity to share experiences and learn something new.

Whether it’s an exceptional voyage under sail on a Windstar cruise or on a mega ocean ship, the feelings are exclusively personal.  What about a rail journey on any one of Amtrak Vacation’s exceptional itineraries or on a Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury train in western Canada and now the U.S.?

Why not take a jazz cruise or a culinary trip?   It’s often said that jazz is the music of our soul.  Sampling new cuisines is one of the most pleasurable parts of travel. Meals tend to be longer and more leisurely. Food is a portal to understanding a new culture.

Even in these tough times, it’s good to get away occasionally. Think of the adventures that await. Travel connects us like nothing else.

A vacation begins the second we start to plan it. A study last year found that travelers’ moods improved eight weeks before the actual vacation started.

Thankfully we are inching closer to a full reopening, as the US announced it will finally allow Europeans to enter in November.  Australia too will reopen before the holidays.

These distinctive trips and many more provide extraordinary value to our lives.