Purposeful Travel

by | Aug 4, 2019 | General

In our newsletter last month we talked about over-tourism and how some cities are trying to manage this good-news-bad-news scenario.     However, we do like to travel, to see and explore various destinations.   

Why do we travel?   Maybe we to relax (which is not a bad thing) or maybe there’s a special purpose for this journey?

A definition:  Purposeful travel is about creating better places to live in and visit. It’s centered on experiences that benefit both the traveler and the location, and it prioritizes progress for the benefit of local communities.

When we travel do we not want to learn about different cultures?   About different traditions?  About different customs and norms? Travel will enhance our life.

Most Americans only have a couple of weeks to vacation each year (and we really need to take that time). Whether a trip is three days or three weeks long, when we go beyond those top-10 or the bucket lists and truly discover what is most unique about a place, our passions,and the activities that challenge us, we’re bound to get the most out of our time in a new locale.    Travel will then do what it does best — it will teach us, challenge us, and shape our lives in new and deeply meaningful ways. 

Step out of your comfort zone. Meet and greet locals for an authentic experience. talk to strangers; participate in a cultural tradition; volunteer; indulge in cuisine that is unique to the area; take a dance, a cooking, or a language class. 

And speaking of language, learn some language basics: please, thank you, how to ask for directions, and how to ask how someone is feeling. The effort is always appreciated and can establish the foundation of any relationship. It says: I see you and I’m interested in your culture.More often than not, these “uncomfortable” moments are the ones that we’ll remember the best.

When we travel, we will bring home more than just a t-shirt. We will bring home a better us. We will learn, grow and develop on our journey..

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