April 1, 2017


Medallion Class Ocean Cruises

A new innovation by Carnival Corporation will be introduced this year on board some of the ships of Princess Cruise Line.  O C E A N (One Cruise Experience Access Network) is a new tool designed to connect passengers with the ship in a unique way

The Ocean Medallion will be worn by the passenger as a clip, pendant, or wrist band and will work in conjunction with Ocean Compass.  This new technology will give guests access to personalized and customized services including beverage orders, types of activities, specialty dining reservations, payments, and streamlined boarding and disembarkation process, to name a few.

Order a beverage at the pool, wander to the café, and the waiter will know where you are and deliver the beverage.  Walking past a bar? The device can suggest a drink based on the last drink you ordered. Food can be delivered the same way. You’ll even be able to order food or a drink at a pre-determined time and have it delivered to you.  Technology at a  whole new level

The question is, Do you want to be tracked that closely onboard ship?  Please comment on our blog and let us know how you feel about this.

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