January 5, 2017


Looking Forward to 2017

Time and time again, the resilience of travelers manages to come through in spite of tragic global events. France in particular took a huge hit with a decrease in tourism; however, travelers are coming back to enjoy the fabulous history and culture of the region.  In fact, it remains number 2 as a favorite holiday travel destination (Italy continues to be number 1).

We are seeing increased interest in less traditional destinations in Europe. Scandinavia — Denmark, Sweden and Norway — has edged its way into the limelight and will thrive in 2017.  Other international areas expected to grow are Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Iceland, Taiwan and India.

Turkey continues to experience dramatically reduced tourism not only because of terrorist attacks but also the failed coup. Cruise lines discontinued calling in much of Turkey while other suppliers have instituted a more restricted tour schedule. It is still a great destination so let’s hope the situation settles so that we can return to that iconic place.

However, visitors who in previous years might have wandered Istanbul’s bazaars or ballooned over the “fairy chimneys” of Cappadocia might instead be heading to Morocco next year.  With the iconic cities of Marrakech and Casablanca, tourism in Morocco is primed to grow considerably.

On the domestic scene, the impetus of the centennial of the National Park Service is expected to continue to drive visitors to our national parks.

There will be 9 new ocean vessels launched in 2017 along with 10 new river ships. Cruising is still a wonderful way to  vacation.

Also there are many new resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico that will open in 2017 to cater to last-based vacationers.

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