November 2, 2016


The Fallacy of Cheap. 

We all want to get a great “deal.” But that does not necessarily mean “cheap.”  We seem to have a fixation with cheap.  What we really want, we believe, is VALUE; and it’s important to note the difference.  Price is what you pay; value is what you receive.  There are many adages that relate to price; for instance, “cheaper is better,” but that certainly is not true.  Cheaper is not always better.  Or you can go through a lifetime of regret for being too cheap.  But our favorite is, “you get what you pay for.”

As professional travel consultants, we take pride in our customer service and our ability to get you the best value for your dollar. The cheapest price is not the best value, in fact, it’s not even a good value.  When you are planning a trip, whether it’s your annual vacation or a once-in-a-life-time safari, you need someone who has your best interests at heart, someone who knows the destination, someone who can offer special amenities and perks, someone who cares about you.  The internet does not care whether you have a good time; we do.

Travel is one of the most important purchases, and the experience of travel lasts a lifetime. So it’s easy to see how going cheap is risky

We also have a secret weapon…a human being. And no matter the advances in technology, it cannot replace the relationship aspects of any transaction, the human touch.   “The personal touch will always beat impersonal,” John Frenaye

We can help you plan the perfect vacation with wonderful memories without breaking the bank. As the song says, “And there is no cure like travel to help you unravel the worries of living today.  When the poor brain is cracking, there’s nothing like packing a suitcase and sailing away.”

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